About Us

We have been involved with Nacra catamarans for over 26 years.

In 1985 we took over the rights to manufacture the range of Nacra catamarans, before this we were an active Nacra dealer. Over this time we have developed many new models that have been added to the Nacra range which are now sailed worldwide.

These models are the Nacra Sirocco, Nacra 14sq, Nacra 16sq, Nacra 4.5, Nacra 17 and the new Nacra 36R.

Nacra was made famous by its timeless hull shape, featuring its round bottom and tear drop shape, to which most new Catamarans are made the same today.

Nacra’s burst onto the catamaran scene in the late 1970’s with the launch of the Nacra 36, this boat was 36ft long, 20ft wide and featured a crew of 4 on the wire.

This boat was way ahead of its time and was made to be a big fast catamaran and it certainly is, it has been clocked at speeds over 30 knots.

Then the Nacra 5.2 was launched. Even though this boat gave away feet in waterline length plus sail area, it could easily match and out perform its competition.

It set the standard with its many high tech innovative ideas as standard which has help to make Nacra famous.

Then the Nacra 18sq was made – 18ft long and 11ft wide, the ultimate one person catamaran.

In 1985 Nacra launched the Nacra 5.8 and Nacra 5.0.

The 5.8 has gone on to be Australia’s largest big boat fleet since being launched. It offers true high performance in a one design format at a very realistic price.

The 5.0 has revolutionized the boardless catamaran, making sailing a Nacra simple yet still giving performance.

Both these boats feature the boomless sail plan which makes sailing safe and easier.

Through the late 1980’s and early 90’s Nacra introduced the Nacra 14sq and Nacra 16sq of one person boats. Both these boats are still very popular and are feature Nacra’s timeless hull shape.

Nacra also released the Nacra Sirocco and Nacra 4.5 which have proven popular in resorts through out the Asian Pacific region, also making great recreational boats.

Early this century Nacra launched its light weight high performance cat the Nacra 17, which has proven successful throughout the world. This can be sailed either one up or two up.

Then the Nacra 36R where it all began has been revitalized featuring the latest in hull shape and design techniques.

Also in our range we now have the Nacra 570 and the Plastic playcat plus many other new and exciting Nacra’s. That gives us one of the best ranges of catamarans on the market today.

Now Nacra’s design team have come out with the World Champion winning F-18 catamaran, the Nacra Infusion which is taken the world by storm.

It is the first production catamaran to use the Infusion technology


All Nacra’s float on top of the water making them more maneuverable, drier and more stable, therfore speed potential is greater because of a lower wetted surface area.

All Nacra’s have the capability of carrying more crew weight without sacrificing performance.

Full bows and sterns, fore and aft stability prevents the boat from Hobby horsing in choppy conditions. This less pitching results in a more constant airflow over the sails for a better overall performance.


The split moulded hulls eliminate the uncomfortable hull to deck seam and allows the water to flow off the hulls quicker, which in turns give the sailor a drier ride.


  • Moulded hulls, non skid decks – superb finish
  • Mesh trampolines – allow the water to drain quicker
  • Anodised spars – ensure a long life for all fittings
  • Adjustable trapeze systems – allows sailor to set to level required
  • Adjustable kick up rudders – allows you to adjust rudder to require position, plus safer beaching
  • Positive ackerman steering – makes gybing and tacking faster
  • Carbon reinforced rudders – stiffer foils
  • Captive mast ball system – makes for safe raising and lowering
  • Harken traveller systems – the best gear available
  • Coated shrouds – extra protection of the sail
  • Computer cut sails – for accurate sail design making all sails the same
  • Racing battens – all our battens are pre shaped to the exact shape for the sail
  • Quality testing – all aluminium components are tested for strength hardness and quality of anodization before assembly

Plus all our boats are covered by Nacra’s warranty.

We design every Nacra with these objectives in mind; speed, stability, safety and value.

Nacra’s achieve the highest in resale value, with many model’s still achieving more money than what was paid for them over 26 years ago.

Every year we make our Nacra’s better, this is because we race our own products against our competition. So we never stop experimenting and testing.

This results in state of the art performance for you on the water.

So why settle for a catamaran that was hot in its day?

Choose one that never stops getting better, that never stops being a pleasure.

Nothing out performs a Nacra today – nothing will out perform a Nacra tomorrow.

Nacra for over 30 years.

This is a great achievement in the history of sailing in Australia – to have a class still together and still growing after all these years

So you can see this is not just a job for us but our passion as well.

We at Nacra are very proud of our achievements and our Catamarans.