Nacra celebrates 40 years of national titles

nacra-nationals-sponsornacra-40thThis year will see the 40th Nacra nationals being held at Forster NSW from 30th December to 4th January.

A haven for water activities, Forster is a seaside town in the beautiful Great lakes area. It is a hugely popular east coast tourist destination thanks to its pearl white beaches, turquoise waters and spectacular national parks.

During the summer months visitors spend much of their time in and on the water enjoying aquatic activities such as surfing, skiing, diving and of course sailing.

The sailing waters for the nationals are safe and flat with great swimming holes of the beach for the kids as well.

Many social events are being planned and with 12 races scheduled this is a perfect opportunity to spend a week with other Nacra sailors learning from them.

Camping is available at the club to a limited number ,Forster has many other types of accommodation in the area as well.

But being a tourist spot please book early.

This is a great milestone for the class please try to come along and support the event!

Click Here to download the 40th Nacra Nationals 2018 Information Sheet PDF