Nacra 15

nacra-15-12nacra-15-websiteNacra 15 – Pathway for youth sailing

Designed from scratch to the ISAF criteria to become the new official ISAF youth catamaran. The older catamarans in this program need replacement as the youth of the world wants to sail in a catamaran that can carry more crew weight and is a modern design than the current ones. The Nacra 15 resembles a lot to its bigger sister, the Olympic Nacra 17. In fact, the Nacra 15 is a mini version of the Olympic Nacra 17, creating a pathway towards the Olympics.

The Nacra 15 carries also two curved dagger boards that like in the Nacra 17 provide lift. This provides an extra dimension in sailing, as the Nacra 15 is a semi-foiling catamaran. More lift means; drag reduced means; more speed and excitement.

The rudders are fitted out with stabilizers, which control pitch of the platform so all power can be transferred into speed.

The Nacra 15 went into production in 2015. If you or your organisation has interest to start up the program and to be part of this, please contact one of our Nacra dealers or Nacra direct to consult us what the options are.

The Nacra 15 and the Nacra 17 will represent the future of cat sailing at the highest level around the world. The Nacra 15 as an “steppingstone” for youth and the Nacra 17 in the Olympics.


Length: 4.70 m
Width: 2.35m
Mast Length: 8.10m
Area mainsail: 13.6m2
Area jib: 3.3m
Area Spi: 16.5m2

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