Nacra F-20FCS

nacra-f20-fcs-14-02nacra-f20-fcs-15-01The Nacra 20 FCS is the ultimate “flying” racing catamaran designed for both course and inshore/coastal distance racing. This 20-foot ‘‘flying’’ machine is the result of the long life quest of NACRA to EMPOWER SAILORS around the world. Race with a crew of 2 around the buoys.

If you are ready to go the distance you can take her for any long distance coastal racing, that is, if you like to take the lead over any big fleet. A benchmark in design. Wave-piercing bows, spray rails, FCS foils and an ergonomic platform, it will put you ahead of the fleet in terms of performance and joy.

Creating a powerful machine is one thing but controlling such power is the key. NACRA and its design team worked together again closely with the Naval engineers of Morelli & Melvin.


To establish controlled flight, NACRA has fitted out this NACRA 20 with FCS, which stands for “Flight Control System”. It will give the sailing team the ability to make alterations on the water during flight to find the groove you are looking for and fly over water to leave others behind.

The sensation of flying over the water on FCS main foils and FCS rudders is an indescribable feeling. You will never forget your first flying seconds and/or moments and will come back for more. Make sure you get on one to try, but be warned. THIS IS ADDICTIVE and the new way to go.

Performance Sails

This 20 comes standardly included with a high aspect Kevlar-carbon square top mainsail, a Kevlar-carbon high aspect jib en a full radial cut gennaker to kick it all up a notch going downwind. At times with enough breeze you will not even be using the gennaker downwind and still be foiling. These sails and technology are produced by the loft which the Olympic NACRA 17 sailors use as well.

If that next regatta is overseas, then you and other teams can easily pack your boats into one 40-foot container! Flexible and always ready to explore other parts of the world.

Building techniques

All composite component toolings are CNC milled for accurate shape and high quality/low weight finish. The hulls are build out of a full carbon fiber sandwich construction with a pre-moulded shaped core. FCS Main Foil, FCS T-rudder, Rudder- system, Spi-pole, Boom and Mast are built with state of the art full carbon fiber construction as well. Using the best possible manufacturing techniques available to obtain maximum strength with minimum weight using state of the art autoclave technology, curing the pre-impregnated carbon/epoxy at 120 degrees Celsius at an atmospheric pressure of 6 bar.

Road trailer

In 45 minutes you are ready to go on the water to have a blast. We do supply tilt trailers for those who wish to move around a lot. Just pull your Nacra 20 FCS upon your trailer, lower the carbon mast, tilt the boat and off you go. Driving around never was easier with such machine.


Boat length: 6.20m
Boat width: 3.20m
Carbon mast Length: 10.45m
Area mainsail: 21.00m2
Area jib: 5.20m2 (Rocket)
Area spi: 28.00m2 (Rocket)
FCS carbon main foils
FCS carbon T-Rudders
FCS carbon rudder stock system
FCS foil trim system