Nacra Sirocco

The Nacra SiroccoThe Nacra SiroccoThe Nacra Sirocco is one of the most popular resort boats in today’s market.

Its buoyancy surpasses that of any other cat in its size range,

The stylish and modern look of the Sirocco has proven to be an exciting,enjoyable and safe part of the holiday makers stay at a resort.

This proven by the constant interest shown by resorts to upgrade or expand their fleet.

The Nacra Sirocco’s total package offers the most desirable catamaran that is very easy to sail and very cost effective to run for the resort operator and new sailor.

We at Nacra are so assured of its quality we offer a 12 month Warranty for the resort operator.

Try and find that any way else from other manufacturers.


Boomless vertical colored mainsail with built in flotation: Eliminates the need for mast float
Heavy duty wide trampoline with storage pocket: Allows ample room for 3 or 4 people
Modern day skeg design: Makes for easy tacking as well as extra buoyancy
Non skid decks: Make for comfortable sailing and the hulls are constructed to meet survey requirements
Unique kick up rudder system*Piv Matic system: Eliminates the need for springs and cams. This trouble free system allows for easy beaching and instant kick up
Heavy duty PVC coated stays: Helps to protect sail from wear and tear
Round strong cross beams: Makes for durable strong platform
Quick assembly: Great for resorts, more time on water
Built in flotation in sail
All this plus Nacra’s warranty


Length: 4.2 metres
Beam (width): 2.25m
Weight: 110kg
Sail area: 10m2
Trapeze: no
Construction: Sandwich Construction
Design: Ross Guinea