32nd Nacra Nationals 2nd-9th of January 2011 – Port Stephens NSW

2011-02-f18-line-up-port-stephensA large fleet of 60 Nacra catamarans attended the 32nd national title in Port Stephens NSW. With 4 boats all the way from WA and a big fleet from North QLD, there were large numbers attending the event sailing in 5 different classes. Many competitors only just made it through the rising flood waters to get to the event. Several North QLD competitors had to leave boats and cars in Brisbane on the return trip as the roads north were still flooded and blocked.

This did not stop anyone from having a great week of racing. In the days leading to the event the wind was very light which gave no indication of the conditions to follow.

Over the next 5 days, including one lay day, there were 9 races completed. Due to wind reaching over 25 knots, the day one afternoon race and day two morning race were abandoned. The last day was the only light race in the series, making this event favourite for all the tough (read heavy) teams. Never the less, some great results were achieved by some lighter teams like Shane and Kimberly Russel from NSW finishing 2nd on the 5.8.

In the end the effort of the guys travelling from QLD was rewarded with all class winners coming from QLD.

Winners in every division:
F18: Adam Beattie and Jamie Leitner
16sq: Corey Holden
5.8: Bruce Potter – Matthew Caldwell
5.0: Paul Hebinger – and his lovely wife Kerri Anne
4.5 Malcolm Richardson

For results and info: www.psyc.com.au

Next year’s nationals are to be held at Larges Bay in Adelaide. The event is from the 2nd to 7th of January 2012. A big fleet is expected. Hope to see you there!

Go to www.largsbay.yachting.org.au for accommodation guide.