Nacra 36 Charter

The Nacra 36 CharterThe Nacra 36 CharterThe Nacra 36 CharterThe Nacra 36 Charter

The Nacra 36 is the ultimate charter catamaran; it has been surveyed for 10 people and can quite easily accommodate them on its large trampoline area and large volume hulls.

With an amazing 20ft beam of trampoline space, plus optional wing set, it makes for a very fast and smooth ride and can be easily be operated by a crew of two people.

It features all the latest design in block hardware and winches giving years of life to operator. A Nacra 36 charter boat has clocked up over 10000 nautical miles already in over 1-1/2 years and has proven virtually trouble free.

The boat will do in excess of 25knots safely and will also cruise across the water with ease as well when required.

This unique boat will offer customers a rare ride on a fast state of the art catamaran. But still feel safe due to the feeling of large volume hulls.

Plus Nacra’s warranty


Length: 11.2m
Beam (width): 6.1m
Weight: 1400kg
Trapeze: Yes
Mainsail area: 46m2
Construction: Vinylester foam sandwich
Design: Ross Guinea
Optional: Wing Set Available

Also available in Race version